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Efficient determination of four-point form-closure optimal constraints of polygonal objects
Cornellà Medrano, Jordi; Suárez Feijóo, Raúl
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Institut d'Organització i Control de Sistemes Industrials
This paper proposes a new and more efficient solution to the problem of determining optimal form-closure constraints of polygonal objects using four contacts. New grasp parameters are determined based only on the directions of the applied forces, which are then used to determine the optimal grasp. Given a set of contact edges, using an analytical procedure a solution that is either the optimal one or is very close to it is obtained (only in this second case an iterative procedure is needed to find a root of a nonlinear equation). This procedure is used for an efficient determination of the optimal grasp on the whole object. The algorithms have been implemented and numerical examples are shown. Note to Practitioners—This paper presents an algorithm that improves previous approaches in terms of efficiency in the determination of the optimal object constraint maximizing the minimum wrench that the object can support in any direction. The problem can always be solved using numerical optimization techniques but when time is relevant an efficient algorithm becomes of interest. Practical applications include optimal determination of fixtures and object grasps.
Peer Reviewed
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