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Intra-Party Democracy and middle-level elites in Spain
Baras i Gómez, Montserrat
Institut de Ciències Polítiques i Socials. Barcelona, Catalunya; Rodríguez, Joan (Rodríguez Teruel); Barberà i Aresté, Òscar, 1974-; Barberà i Aresté, Òscar, 1974-; Barrio, Astrid
The gradual implementation of new, more participatory and thus, more democratic mechanisms of intra-party decision-making has been pointed out by several party politics scholars. This phenomenon has been studied as the party elite’s reactions to a widespread trend in Western countries: the party membership decline. Spain is still a deviant case in both the party membership decline trend, and with regards to the introduction of more participatory and democratic decision-making mechanisms. However, the paper point out that support for intra-party democracy is quite widespread within Spanish party middle elites (party delegates). That is why the aim of this paper is to explain which factors are underpinning the supports for intra-party democracy amongst Spanish party delegates. After conducting a multivariate analysis, the results show that ideology, the involvement in intra-party experiences and the degree of pragmatism, amongst others, are factors strongly associated with the support for intraparty democracy in Spanish party middle elites.
32 - Política
Elit (Ciències socials) -- Espanya
Partits polítics -- Espanya
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Institut de Ciències Polítiques i Socials (Barcelona, Catalunya)
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