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Top 25 most visited documents this year

Creativity and entrepreneurship: Empirical evidence for Catalonia 254
Gender diversity, R&D teams and patents: An application to Spanish firms 227
Where New Creative Industries Locate? Evidence from French Departments 216
Predicting Bond Betas using Macro-Finance Variables 207
Attribution models and the Cooperative Game Theory 206
Innovation and Geographical Spillovers: New Approaches and Empirical Evidence 203
An overlapping generations approach to price policies in privatehealthcare insurance. The Catalan case 159
Eco-strategies and firm growth in European SMEs 153
Empirical studies in industrial location: an assessment of their methods and results 150
Immigrants and Entrepreneurship: a Road for Talent or Just the Only Road? 139
Strategic Responses to International Tax Competition: Fiscal (De) Centralization versus Partial Tax Harmonization 131
Microfinance and credit rationing in Ghana: Does the microfinance type matter? 126
Do Software and Videogames firms share location patterns across cities? Evidence from Barcelona, Lyon and Hamburg 108
Trends in African Migration to Europe: Drivers Beyond Economic Motivations 107
Determinants of energy efficiency and renewable energy in European SMEs 106
A Behavioral Theory of Allocation in the Dictator Game 105
Asymmetric price adjustments: A supply side approach 103
How did the Financial Crisis affect the Real Interest Rate Dynamics in Europe? 103
Weak fairness and the Shapley value 102
Measuring the influence of energy prices within the price formation mechanism 99
Innovation success: What is the role of innovation strategies? 99
Eco-innovation : Spanish service and manufacturing firms 98
Resource allocation with warranties in claims problems 98
Spatial Analysis of Clustering of Foreclosures in the Poorest-Quality Housing Urban Areas: Evidence from Catalan Cities 96
Strategic inventories under limited commitment 94

Top 25 most visited documents

Firm Size and Short-Term Dynamics in Aggregate Entry and Exit 2.799
Delegation and information sharing in oligopoly 2.492
Land use regulation and productivity - Land matters: Evidence from a UK Supermarket chain 2.365
Empirical studies in industrial location: an assessment of their methods and results 2.344
Economic impact of a new museum on the local economy: "The Gaudí Centre" 2.234
Loss risk through fraud in car insurance 2.184
Pork Value Chains: A Comparison of Catalonia, Spain and Manitoba, Canada 2.172
Privatization and competition in the delivery of local services: An empirical examination of the dual market hypothesis 2.163
Ecological Footprint Inequality across countries: the role of environment intensity, income and interaction effects 2.120
Immigration and Firm Growth: Evidence from Spanish cities 2.112
A priori ratemaking using bivariate poisson regression models 2.101
What about people in European Regional Science? 2.100
Composition of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Spain: an Input-Output Analysis 2.068
Solvency Capital estimation and Risk Measures 2.021
Economic and environmental effects of the CO2 taxation: an input-output analysis for Spain 2.015
Entradas y salidas de empresas: un contraste de las hipótesis de independencia, simetría y simultaneidad 1.995
Evaluating antitrust leniency programs 1.991
Cross-section data, disequilibrium situations and estimated coefficients: evidence from car ownership demand 1.970
Environmental Kuznets Curves for Carbon Emissions: A Critical Survey 1.941
Ecological and Economic Impacts within the Environmental Input-Output Framework 1.940
Economic impacts of alternative water policy scenarios in the Spanish production system: an input-output analysis 1.923
The international trade as the sole engine of growth for an economy 1.917
Firm Size and Geographical Aggregation: An Empirical Appraisal in Industrial Location 1.916
Innovation and firm growth: Does firm age play a role? 1.913
Los salarios de los inmigrantes en el mercado de trabajo español. ¿Importa el origen del capital humano? 1.912

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