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Application of the microcanonical multifractal formalism to monofractal systems
Pont, Oriol; Turiel, Antonio; Pérez-Vicente, Conrado, 1962-
Universitat de Barcelona
The design of appropriate multifractal analysis algorithms, able to correctly characterize the scaling properties of multifractal systems from experimental, discretized data, is a major challenge in the study of such scale invariant systems. In the recent years, a growing interest for the application of the microcanonical formalism has taken place, as it allows a precise localization of the fractal components as well as a statistical characterization of the system. In this paper, we deal with the specific problems arising when systems that are strictly monofractal are analyzed using some standard microcanonical multifractal methods. We discuss the adaptations of these methods needed to give an appropriate treatment of monofractal systems.
Física matemàtica
Sistemes no lineals
Mathematical physics
Nonlinear systems
(c) American Physical Society, 2006
The American Physical Society

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