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Model transformation with Scala
Picard, Celia
Chemouil, David; Clérici Martínez, Silvia Inés
This document presents the work realized for my final master project. I made this internship at the CNES. I was welcomed in the On-Board Software Team of the Ground & On Board System department by my tutor, David Chemouil. This intership lasted 6 months. My internship took place in the context of the CNES participation to the Topcased Project. The idea was to realize a framework for model transformation. From the point of view of the metamodels the models are instance of. Apart from the realization of this framework, the idea was also to evaluate the Scala language, using it to realize the application. First, I will present the context of my internship, the subject itself and the Scala language. Then I will analyze the problem and the different solutions I could bring for each part of the project. In a third part I will study in more details the chosen solution and the realized application. Finally, I will give conclusions about the Scala language and the work done.
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Object-oriented programming
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Programació orientada a l'objecte (Informàtica)
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