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Relationships between Body Weight and Milk Yield During the Early Postpartum Period and Bull and Technician and the Reproductive Performance of High Producing Dairy Cows
Santolaria Blasco, Pilar; López Gatius, Fernando; Sánchez-Nadal, José Antonio; Yániz Pérez de Albéniz, Jesús
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of body weight (BW) change during the early postpartum period and BW on day 50 post partum on the subsequent expression of estrus and fertility at first insemination before day 90 post partum. The data were derived from 1036 postpartum cows reaching 90 days in milk. The following data were recorded for each animal: lactation number, daily milk production at day 50 post partum, calving date, days in milk at estrus and at AI, insemination date, insemination number, inseminating bull, AI technician and body weight at calving, at day 50 post partum and at AI. Of the 1036 cows registered, 817 (78.9%) showed first estrus before day 90 post partum and were inseminated. Using logistic regression procedures and based on the odds ratio a one unit (kg) increase in the daily milk production at day 50 post partum and a one unit (kg) decrease in the BW between calving and day 50 post partum were related to a 1.03-fold increase and a 0.97-fold decrease in the estrus expression rate before day 90 post partum, respectively. Of the 817 cows inseminated before day 90 post partum, 437 became pregnant (53.5%). A one unit increase in the BW at day 50 post partum produced a 1.003-fold increase in the early fertility rate. Pregnancy rate before day 90 was also influenced by the season at calving, bull providing semen and technician. In conclusion, the register of BW during the postpartum period may be a useful tool for evaluating the nutritional status and its relationship with the subsequent reproductive efficiency in dairy cows.
Body weight
Dairy cows
Estrus expression
cc-by-nc-nd (c) Santolaria Blasco, Pilar et al., 2012
Society for Reproduction and Development

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