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Using the optical flow to implement a relative virtual mouse controlled by head movements
Pallejà Cabrè, Tomàs; Rubión Soler, Edgar; Teixidó Cairol, Mercè; Tresánchez Ribes, Marcel; Fernández del Viso, Alicia; Rebate, Carlos; Palacín Roca, Jordi
The following paper introduces the work conducted to create a relative virtual mouse based on the interpretation of head movements and face gesture through a low cost camera and the optical flow of the images. This virtual device is designed specifically as an alternative non-contact pointer for people with mobility impairments in the upper extremities and reduced head control. The proposed virtual device was compared with a conventional mouse, a touchpad and a digital joystick. Validation results show performances close to a digital joystick but far away from a conventional mouse.
Human computer interaction
Optical flow
Virtual mouse
Detectors òptics
Interacció persona-ordinador
Ordinadors i discapacitats
open access
(c) J.UCS, 2008
Graz University of Technology. Institut für Informationssysteme und Computer Medien (IICM);
Know-Center Graz;
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

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