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OER as a Model for Enhanced Teaching and Learning
Petrides, Lisa; Jimes, Cynthia; Middleton-Detzner, Clare; Howell, Holly
Open Ed (7th : 2010 : Barcelona)
This article presents preliminary findings from a research study conducted by the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education on the role of open educational resources (OER) in transforming pedagogy. Based on a study of art and humanities teachers participating in an OER training network, the study reveals how exposure to OER resources and tools support collaboration among teachers, as well as new conversations about teaching practices. These findings have implications for engaging teachers in adopting new OER use practices, and for how OER can be integrated as a model for innovation in teaching and in resource development.
Open Educational Resources
teacher professional development
knowledge sharing
social networking tools
teaching and learning
Open access
Web-based instruction
Ensenyament virtual
Accés obert
Enseñanza virtual
Acceso libre
Conference lecture
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya;
Open University of the Netherlands;
Brigham Young University

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