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Conflict prevention and decentralized governance: some remarks about the state of the art in theory and practice
Grasa Hernández, Rafael; Gutiérrez Camps, Arnau
Institut Català Internacional per la Pau
Is there a link between decentralized governance and conflict prevention? This article tries to answer the question by presenting the state of the art of the intersection of both concepts. Provided that social conflict is inevitable and given the appearance of new threats and types of violence, as well as new demands for security based on people (human security), our societies should focus on promoting peaceful changes. Through an extensive analysis of the existing literature and the study of several cases, this paper suggests that decentralized governance can contribute to these efforts by transforming conflicts, bringing about power-sharing and inclusion incentives of minority groups. Albeit the complexity of assessing its impact on conflict prevention, it can be contended that decentralized governance might have very positive effects on the reduction of causes that bring about conflicts due to its ability to foster the creation of war/violence preventors. More specifically, this paper argues that decentralization can have a positive impact on the so-called triggers and accelerators (short- and medium-term causes).
32 - Política
Prevenció de conflictes
Guerra - Prevenció
Guerra - Causes
Governança descentralitzada
Descentralització administrativa
Construcció de pau
Violent conflict prevention
Prevención de conflictos violentos
Construcción de paz
51 p.
Working Paper
2013.5785 (paper);
2013.5793 (online)
ICIP Working Papers;2009/1

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