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The development of intercultural awareness and changes of beliefs: the effects of studying abroad on learners of English as a second language
Merino Jular, Maria Elena
Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Departament de Traducció i Filologia
The present study examines the development of interculturality and changes of beliefs, by analyzing 106 compositions produced by 53 advanced level university students of translation studies at a university in Spain before and shortly after a stay-abroad (SA) period. The study draws on data collected at two different times: before (T1) and after the SA (T3). In addition, we compared the results with the writings produced by a control group of 10 native English speakers on SA too. Data were collected by means of a composition which tried to elicit the learners’ opinion about cultural habits maintenance. The results reveal significant changes between T1 and T3 in the degree of better attitudes and intercultural acquisition.
Llengua segona - Adquisició
Comunicació intercultural - Ensenyament
Anglès - Adquisició
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