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Internet e-ethics in confrontation with an activists' agenda: Yahoo! on trial
Le Menestrel, Marc; Hunter, Mark; de Bettignies, Henri Claude
Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Departament d'Economia i Empresa
A prolonged confrontation between Yahoo! Inc. and French anti-racismactivists who ask for the removal of Nazi items from auction sitesas well as restricted access to neo-Nazis sites is analyzed. We presentthe case and its development up to the decision of Yahoo! Inc. to removethe items from following a French court s verdict against thefirm. Using a business ethics approach, we distinguish the legal,technical, philosophical and managerial issues involved in the case andtheir management by Yahoo! We conclude on the difficulty of governingrelations with society from corporate and legal affairs departments atthe headquarters level, and on the clash of two visions over theregulation of social freedom.
Business Economics and Industrial Organization
legal compliance
internet regulation
freedom of expression
media crisis
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