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Long-tailed trapping times and Lévy flights in a self-organized critical granular system
Boguñá, Marián; Corral, Álvaro
Universitat de Barcelona
We present a continuous time random walk model for the scale-invariant transport found in a self-organized critical rice pile [K. Christensen et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 77, 107 (1996)]. From our analytical results it is shown that the dynamics of the experiment can be explained in terms of Lvy flights for the grains and a long-tailed distribution of trapping times. Scaling relations for the exponents of these distributions are obtained. The predicted microscopic behavior is confirmed by means of a cellular automaton model.
Física estadística
Equacions d'estat
Statistical physics
Equations of state
(c) American Physical Society, 1997
American Physical Society

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