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Semiactive backstepping control for vibration attenuation in structures equipped with magnetorheological actuatorscat
Luo, Ningsu; Villamizar Mejía, Rodolfo; Vehí, Josep; Dyke, Shirley
This paper deals with the problem of semiactive vibration control of civil engineering structures subject to unknown external disturbances (for example, earthquakes, winds, etc.). Two kinds of semiactive controllers are proposed based on the backstepping control technique. The experimental setup used is a 6-story test structure equipped with shear-mode semiactive magnetorheological dampers being installed in the Washington University Structural Control and Earthquake Engineering Laboratory (WUSCEEL). The experimental results obtained have verified the effectiveness of the proposed control algorithms
Control automàtic
Enginyeria d'estructures -- Efectes sísmics
Enginyeria d'estructures -- Vibració
Automatic control
Structural engineering -- Earthquake effects
Structural engineering -- Vibration
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