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Active control of structures with uncertain coupled subsystems and actuator dynamics
Luo, Ningsu; Villamizar Mejía, Rodolfo; Rodellar, José; Vehí, Josep
This paper deals with the problem of stabilizing a class of structures subject to an uncertain excitation due to the temporary coupling of the main system with another uncertain dynamical subsystem. A Lyapunov function based control scheme is proposed to attenuate the structural vibration. In the control design, the actuator dynamics is taken into account. The control scheme is implemented by using only feedback information of the main system. The effectiveness of the control scheme is shown for a bridge platform with crossing vehicle
This work has been funded by lhe Commission of Science and Technology of Spain (CICYT) under the Project DPI2002-04018
Control automàtic
Lyapunov, Funcions de
Ponts -- Efectes sísmics
Ponts -- Vibració
Automatic control
Bridges -- Earthquake effects
Bridges -- Vibration
Lyapunov functions
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