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High-Momentum Response of Liquid 3He
Mazzanti, F.; Polls Martí, Artur; Boronat Medico, Jordi; Casulleras, J.
Universitat de Barcelona
A final-state-effects formalism suitable to analyze the high-momentum response of Fermi liquids is presented and used to study the dynamic structure function of liquid 3He. The theory, developed as a natural extension of the Gersch-Rodriguez formalism, incorporates the Fermi statistics explicitly through a new additive term which depends on the semidiagonal two-body density matrix. The use of a realistic momentum distribution, calculated using the diffusion Monte Carlo method, and the inclusion of this additive correction allows for good agreement with available deep-inelastic neutron scattering data.
Liquids quàntics
Estadística quàntica
Quantum liquids
Quantum statistics
(c) American Physical Society, 2004
American Physical Society.

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