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I-SS: integrated supervision systems approach based on interactive components
Contreras, Orlando C.; Rosa, Josep Lluís de la; Meléndez Frigola, Joaquim
Process supervision is the activity focused on monitoring the process operation in order to deduce conditions to maintain the normality including when faults are present Depending on the number/distribution/heterogeneity of variables, behaviour situations, sub-processes, etc. from processes, human operators and engineers do not easily manipulate the information. This leads to the necessity of automation of supervision activities. Nevertheless, the difficulty to deal with the information complicates the design and development of software applications. We present an approach called "integrated supervision systems". It proposes multiple supervisors coordination to supervise multiple sub-processes whose interactions permit one to supervise the global process
Agents intel·ligents (Programari)
Control de processos
Disseny de sistemes
Sistemes experts (Informàtica)
Expert systems (Computer science)
Intelligent agents (Computer software)
Process control
System design
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