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Local model predictive control experiences with differential driven wheeled mobile robots
Pacheco Valls, Lluís; Luo, Ningsu; Ferrer Plana, Jordi
This work extends a previously developed research concerning about the use of local model predictive control in differential driven mobile robots. Hence, experimental results are presented as a way to improve the methodology by considering aspects as trajectory accuracy and time performance. In this sense, the cost function and the prediction horizon are important aspects to be considered. The aim of the present work is to test the control method by measuring trajectory tracking accuracy and time performance. Moreover, strategies for the integration with perception system and path planning are briefly introduced. In this sense, monocular image data can be used to plan safety trajectories by using goal attraction potential fields
Robots mòbils -- Sistemes de control
Control predictiu
Sistema de posicionament global
Global Positioning System
Mobile robots -- Control systems
Predictive control
Robots autònoms -- Sistemes de control
Autonomous robots -- Control systems
Visió artificial (Robòtica)
Robot vision
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Romanian Society of Control Engineering and Technical Informatics

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Pacheco Valls, Lluís; Luo, Ningsu; Cufí Solé, Xavier; Cobos Gutiérrez, Francisco Javier