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Job satisfaction and life satisfaction: Analysis of a reciprocal model with social demographic moderators;
Identifier les rapports entre la satisfaction au travail et celle hors travail : vers un modèle polymorphique de la relation
Dolan, Shimon L.; Gosselin, Eric
Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Departament d'Economia i Empresa
The general objective of the study was to empirically test a reciprocal model of job satisfaction and life satisfaction while controlling for some social demographic variables. 827 employees working in 34 car dealerships in Northern Quebec (56% responses rate) were surveyed. The multiple item questionnaires were analysed using correlation analysis, chi square and ANOVAs. Results show interesting patterns emerging for the relationships between job and life satisfaction of which 49.2% of all individuals have spillover, 43.5% compensation, and 7.3% segmentation type of relationships. Results, nonetheless, are far richer and the model becomes much more refined when social demographic indicators are taken into account. Globally, social demographic variables demonstrate some effects on each satisfaction individually but also on the interrelation (nature of the relations) between life and work satisfaction.
Business Economics and Industrial Organization
job satisfaction
life satisfaction
spillover-compensation-segmentation model
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