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Estimating the motion of an underwater robot from a monocular image sequence
García Campos, Rafael; Cufí Solé, Xavier; Carreras Pérez, Marc
When underwater vehicles perform navigation close to the ocean floor, computer vision techniques can be applied to obtain quite accurate motion estimates. The most crucial step in the vision-based estimation of the vehicle motion consists on detecting matchings between image pairs. Here we propose the extensive use of texture analysis as a tool to ameliorate the correspondence problem in underwater images. Once a robust set of correspondences has been found, the three-dimensional motion of the vehicle can be computed with respect to the bed of the sea. Finally, motion estimates allow the construction of a map that could aid to the navigation of the robot
Reconeixement òptic de formes
Robots mòbils
Robots submarins
Visió per ordinador
Computer vision
Mobile robots
Optical pattern recognition
Underwater robots
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