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Catalan government popularity. An example of economic effects on sub-national government support;
Economic Voting in Sub-national Government. Catalonian Evidence
Díaz, Aida; Riba, Clara
Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Departament d'Economia i Empresa
The aim of this essay is to deal with economic voting in contexts ofmultilevel governance and to be a contribution to the debate on attribution of responsibilities in popularity functions literature. We use aggregate and individual data from Catalonia in order to analyse the relation between the state of the economy and the support for a sub-state government. The empirical analysis shows that the responsibility hypothesis works in regional governments without explicit macroeconomic competencies. We have also considered the evaluations of government performance on certain specific policies in order to clarify and determine the factors that drive Catalan government support. The article considers the implications of the findings for future attempts to model party support in a context of the European Union.
Labour, Public, Development and Health Economics
economic vote
popularity functions
attribution of responsabilities
grievance asymmetry
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