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Black holes as fundamental strings: Comparing the absorption of scalars
Emparan García de Salazar, Roberto A.
Universitat de Barcelona
The recently proposed correspondence principle of Horowitz and Polchinski provides a concrete means to relate (among others) black holes with electric Neveu-SchwarzNeveu-Schwarz charges to fundamental strings and correctly match their entropies. We further test this correspondence by examining the greybody factors in the absorption rates of neutral, minimally coupled scalars by a near extremal black hole. Perhaps surprisingly, the results disagree in general with the absorption by weakly coupled strings. Though this does not disprove the correspondence, it indicates that it might not be simple in this region of the black hole parameter space.
Forats negres (Astronomia)
Teoria quàntica
Quantum theory
Black holes (Astronomy)
(c) The American Physical Society, 1997
The American Physical Society

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