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In defense of the "tunneling" wave function of the universe
Garriga Torres, Jaume; Vilenkin, A. (Alexander)
Universitat de Barcelona
The tunneling approach to the wave function of the Universe has been recently criticized by Bousso and Hawking who claim that it predicts a catastrophic instability of de Sitter space with respect to pair production of black holes. We show that this claim is unfounded. First, we argue that different horizon size regions in de Sitter space cannot be treated as independently created, as they contend. And second, the WKB tunneling wave function is not simply the inverse of the Hartle-Hawking one, except in very special cases. Applied to the related problem of pair production of massive particles, we argue that the tunneling wave function leads to a small constant production rate, and not to a catastrophe as the argument of Bousso and Hawking would suggest.
Efecte tunel
Funcions d'ona
Teoria quàntica de camps
Tunneling (Physics)
Wave functions
Quantum field theory
(c) The American Physical Society, 1997
The American Physical Society

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