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A reduction of order two for infinite-order Lagrangians
Jaén, Xavier; Llosa, Josep; Molina, Alfred
Universitat de Barcelona
Given a Lagrangian system depending on the position derivatives of any order, and assuming that certain conditions are satisfied, a second-order differential system is obtained such that its solutions also satisfy the Euler equations derived from the original Lagrangian. A generalization of the singular Lagrangian formalism permits a reduction of order keeping the canonical formalism in sight. Finally, the general results obtained in the first part of the paper are applied to Wheeler-Feynman electrodynamics for two charged point particles up to order 1/c4.
Teoria quàntica
Relativitat especial (Física)
Quantum theory
Special relativity (Physics)
(c) The American Physical Society, 1986
The American Physical Society

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