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Proposed gravitational wave observatory based on solid elastic spheres
Coccia, E. (Eugenio); Lobo Gutiérrez, José Alberto; Ortega, José A.
Universitat de Barcelona
Spherical gravitational wave (GW) detectors offer a wealth of so far unexplored possibilities to detect gravitational radiation. We find that a sphere can be used as a powerful testbed for any metric theory of gravity, not only general relativity as considered so far, by making use of a deconvolution procedure for all the electric components of the Riemann tensor. We also find that the spheres cross section is large at two frequencies, and advantageous at higher frequencies in the sense that a single antenna constitutes a real xylophone in its own. Proposed GW networks will greatly benefit from this. The main features of a two large sphere observatory are reported.
Ones gravitacionals
Gravitational waves
(c) The American Physical Society, 1995
The American Physical Society

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