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Soluble models in two-dimensional dilaton gravity
Russo, J. G. (Jorge Guillermo); Fabbri, A.
Universitat de Barcelona
A one-parameter class of simple models of two-dimensional dilaton gravity, which can be exactly solved including back-reaction effects, is investigated at both classical and quantum levels. This family contains the RST model as a special case, and it continuously interpolates between models having a flat (Rindler) geometry and a constant curvature metric with a nontrivial dilaton field. The processes of formation of black hole singularities from collapsing matter and Hawking evaporation are considered in detail. Various physical aspects of these geometries are discussed, including the cosmological interpretation.
Relativitat general (Física)
Matèria interstel·lar
General relativity (Physics)
Interstellar matter
(c) The American Physical Society, 1996
The American Physical Society

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