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Influence of the pseudopotential on the properties of liquid rubidium at 315 K
González-Miranda, J. M. (Jesús Manuel)
Universitat de Barcelona
The influence of the pseudopotential on both the structure and the self-diffusion of liquid rubidium at the melting point has been investigated by means of molecular-dynamics calculations. The model potential considered has been computed from the pseudopotential of Ashcroft, the dielectric function of Geldart and Vosko, and a Born-Mayer term. Four different values for the core radius which enters as input in the pseudopotential have been considered. In this way we have been able to observe and interpret the effect of this contribution on the properties of the liquid.
Cristalls líquids
Teoria del transport
Propietats de la matèria
Liquid crystals
Transport theory
Properties of matter
Properties of matter
(c) The American Physical Society, 1987
The American Physical Society

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