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Magnetic properties and domain-wall motion in single-crystal BaFe10.2Sn0.74Co0.66O19
Zhang, Xixiang; Hernández Ferràs, Joan Manel; Tejada Palacios, Javier; Solé Vicente, Ricard, 1962-; Ruiz, Xavier (Ruiz Martí)
Universitat de Barcelona
The magnetic properties of BaFe12O19 and BaFe10.2Sn0.74Co0.66O19 single crystals have been investigated in the temperature range (1.8 to 320 K) with a varying field from -5 to +5 T applied parallel and perpendicular to the c axis. Low-temperature magnetic relaxation, which is ascribed to the domain-wall motion, was performed between 1.8 and 15 K. The relaxation of magnetization exhibits a linear dependence on logarithmic time. The magnetic viscosity extracted from the relaxation data, decreases linearly as temperature goes down, which may correspond to the thermal depinning of domain walls. Below 2.5 K, the viscosity begins to deviate from the linear dependence on temperature, tending to be temperature independent. The near temperature independence of viscosity suggests the existence of quantum tunneling of antiferromagnetic domain wall in this temperature range.
Materials magnètics
Propietats magnètiques
Magnetic materials
Magnetic properties
(c) The American Physical Society, 1996
The American Physical Society

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