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Light scattering from suspensions under external gradients
Bonet i Avalos, Josep; Rubí Capaceti, José Miguel; Rodríguez, R.; Pérez Madrid, Agustín
Universitat de Barcelona
We analyze the light-scattering spectrum of a suspension in a viscoelastic fluid under density and velocity gradients. When a density gradient is present, the dynamic structure factor exhibits universality in the sense that its expression depends only on the reduced frequency and the reduced density gradient. For a velocity gradient, however, the universality breaks down. In this last case we have found a transition point from one to three characteristic frequencies in the spectrum, which is governed by the value of the external gradient. The presence of the viscoelastic time scales introduces a shift in the ``critical¿¿ point.
Mecànica estadística
Fluctuacions (Física)
Statistical mechanics
Fluctuations (Physics)
(c) The American Physical Society, 1990
The American Physical Society

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