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Perturbation theory for classical thermodynamic Green's functions
Enz, Charles P. (Charles Paul), 1925-; Garrido Beltrán, Lluís
Universitat de Barcelona
A systematic time-dependent perturbation scheme for classical canonical systems is developed based on a Wick's theorem for thermal averages of time-ordered products. The occurrence of the derivatives with respect to the canonical variables noted by Martin, Siggia, and Rose implies that two types of Green's functions have to be considered, the propagator and the response function. The diagrams resulting from Wick's theorem are "double graphs" analogous to those introduced by Dyson and also by Kawasaki, in which the response-function lines form a "tree structure" completed by propagator lines. The implication of a fluctuation-dissipation theorem on the self-energies is analyzed and compared with recent results by Deker and Haake.
Pertorbació (Dinàmica quàntica)
Funcions de Green
Perturbation (Quantum dynamics)
Green's functions
(c) The American Physical Society, 1976
The American Physical Society

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