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Spin filtering through ferromagnetic BiMnO3 tunnel barriers
Gajek, M.; Bibes, Manuel; Barthelemy, A.; Bouzehouane, K.; Fusil, S.; Varela Fernández, Manuel, 1956-; Fontcuberta i Griñó, Josep; Fert, Albert, 1938-
Universitat de Barcelona
We report on experiments of spin filtering through ultrathin single-crystal layers of the insulating and ferromagnetic oxide BiMnO3 (BMO). The spin polarization of the electrons tunneling from a gold electrode through BMO is analyzed with a counterelectrode of the half-metallic oxide La2/3Sr1/3MnO3 (LSMO). At 3 K we find a 50% change of the tunnel resistances according to whether the magnetizations of BMO and LSMO are parallel or opposite. This effect corresponds to a spin-filtering efficiency of up to 22%. Our results thus show the potential of complex ferromagnetic insulating oxides for spin filtering and injection.
Propietats magnètiques
Física de l'estat sòlid
Magnetic properties and materials
Electron and ion emission by liquids and solids
(c) The American Physical Society, 2005
The American Physical Society

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