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Eros in the Physics of Ancient Stoicism (Why did Chrysippus think of a cosmogonal fellatio?)
Gilabert Barberà, Pau
Universitat de Barcelona
The aim of this article is to show not only what is the role played by eros in the Physics of the Ancient Stoicism but also to discover the meaning of the allegorical fellatio, a cosmogonal fellatio, which was introduced by Chrysippus in his Erotic Letters. The meaning of this intellectual boldness becomes quite clear if the texts are analyzed in accordance with the allegorical interpretation developed by the Stoics and when we also analyze the enodatio nominum of the word stóma.
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Filosofia grega
Física estoica
Al·legories estoiques
Eros (Divinitat grega)
Greek philosophy
Stoic physics
Stoic allegories
Eros (Greek deity)
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