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Double folding with a density-dependent effective interaction and it s analytical approximation
Lozano Leyva, Manuel, 1949; Madurga, G.; Viñas Gausí, Xavier
Universitat de Barcelona
The real part of the optical potential for heavy ion elastic scattering is obtained by double folding of the nuclear densities with a density-dependent nucleon-nucleon effective interaction which was successful in describing the binding, size, and nucleon separation energies in spherical nuclei. A simple analytical form is found to differ from the resulting potential considerably less than 1% all through the important region. This analytical potential is used so that only few points of the folding need to be computed. With an imaginary part of the Woods-Saxon type, this potential predicts the elastic scattering angular distribution in very good agreement with experimental data, and little renormalization (unity in most cases) is needed.
Teoria de camps (Física)
Desintegració radioactiva
Field theory (Physics)
Radioactive decay
(c) The American Physical Society, 1981
The American Physical Society

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