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Nonideal particle distributions from kinetic freeze-out models
Anderlik, Cs.; Lázár, Zs. I.; Magas, V. K.; Csernai, L. P.; Stöcker, Horst; Greiner, Walter, 1935-
Universitat de Barcelona
In fluid dynamical models the freeze-out of particles across a three-dimensional space-time hypersurface is discussed. The calculation of final momentum distribution of emitted particles is described for freeze-out surfaces, with both spacelike and timelike normals, taking into account conservation laws across the freeze-out discontinuity.
Reaccions nuclears
Termodinàmica del desequilibri
Física estadística
Nuclear reactions
Nonequilibrium thermodynamics
Statistical physics
(c) The American Physical Society, 1999
The American Physical Society

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Anderlik, Cs.; Csernai, L. P.; Grassi, F.; Greiner, Walter, 1935-; Hama, Y.; Kodama, Tadayuki; Lázár, Zs. I.; Magas, V. K.; Stöcker, Horst