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High-momentum proton removal from 16 O and the (e,e'p) cross section
Polls Martí, Artur; Radici, M.; Boffi, S.; Dickhoff, Willem H.; Müther, Herbert
Universitat de Barcelona
The cross section for the removal of high-momentum protons from 16O is calculated for high missing energies. The admixture of high-momentum nucleons in the 16O ground state is obtained by calculating the single-hole spectral function directly in the finite nucleus with the inclusion of short-range and tensor correlations induced by a realistic meson-exchange interaction. The presence of high-momentum nucleons in the transition to final states in 15N at 60¿100 MeV missing energy is converted to the coincidence cross section for the (e,e¿p) reaction by including the coupling to the electromagnetic probe and the final state interactions of the outgoing proton in the same way as in the standard analysis of the experimental data. Detectable cross sections for the removal of a single proton at these high missing energies are obtained which are considerably larger at higher missing momentum than the corresponding cross sections for the p-wave quasihole transitions. Cross sections for these quasihole transitions are compared with the most recent experimental data available.
Reaccions nuclears
Estructura nuclear
Nuclear reactions
Nuclear structure
(c) The American Physical Society, 1997
The American Physical Society

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