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Edge excitations and topological order in rotating Bose gas
Cazalilla, M. A.; Barberán Falcón, Núria; Cooper, N. R.
Universitat de Barcelona
The edge excitations and related topological orders of correlated states of a fast rotating Bose gas are studied. Using exact diagonalization of small systems, we compute the energies and number of edge excitations, as well as the boson occupancy near the edge for various states. The chiral Luttinger-liquid theory of Wen is found to be a good description of the edges of the bosonic Laughlin and other states identified as members of the principal Jain sequence for bosons. However, we find that in a harmonic trap the edge of the state identified as the Moore-Read (Pfaffian) state shows a number of anomalies. An experimental way of detecting these correlated states is also discussed.
Gas de Bose-Einstein
Excitació nuclear
Estadística quàntica
Bose-Einstein gas
Nuclear excitation
Quantum statistics
(c) The American Physical Societyl, 2005
The American Physical Society

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