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Systematics of properties of the electron gas in deep-etched quantum wires
Martorell Domenech, Juan; Sprung, Donald W. L.
Universitat de Barcelona
An efficient method is developed for an iterative solution of the Poisson and Schro¿dinger equations, which allows systematic studies of the properties of the electron gas in linear deep-etched quantum wires. A much simpler two-dimensional (2D) approximation is developed that accurately reproduces the results of the 3D calculations. A 2D Thomas-Fermi approximation is then derived, and shown to give a good account of average properties. Further, we prove that an analytic form due to Shikin et al. is a good approximation to the electron density given by the self-consistent methods.
Superfícies (Física)
Propietats elèctriques
Surfaces (Physics)
Electric properties
(c) The American Physical Society, 1996
The American Physical Society

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