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Multipole surface-plasmon modes on simple metals
Sellarès González, Jordi; Barberán Falcón, Núria
Universitat de Barcelona
The average multipole surface-plasmon energy for simple metals, as well as that of ordinary surface and bulk plasmons, is obtained using energy-weighted moments of the electronic response to sufficiently general external perturbations. A local approximation of exchange and correlation effects is used within a jellium model. Band-structure effects are incorporated through an effective electronic mass. Taking advantage of the transparency of the method, we analyze under what circumstances such modes might be observable. It is shown that due to an interplay between Coulomb and kinetic energies, the multipole modes become unobservable for increasing values of the transferred momentum (q) parallel to the surface. The value of q at which the multipole mode becomes unobservable is much smaller than the cutoff value for Landau damping. The effect of the electronic surface diffuseness is also analyzed. We compare our results with previous density-functional calculations and with recent experimental data for Na, K, and Cs.
Plasmons (Física)
Plasmons (Physics)
(c) The American Physical Society, 1994
The American Physical Society

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