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Response of doped 4He droplets
Barranco Gómez, Manuel; Hernández, E. Susana
Universitat de Barcelona
In the framework of a finite-range density-functional theory, we compute the response of 4HeN clusters doped with a rare-gas molecule. For this purpose, the mean field for the 4He atoms, their wave functions and effective quasiparticle interaction, are self-consistently calculated for a variety of particle numbers in the cluster. The response function is then evaluated for several multipolarities in each drop and the collective states are consequently located from the peaks of the strength function. The spectra of pure droplets approach those previously extracted with a similar algorithm resorting to a zero-range density functional. The spectra of doped clusters are sensitive to the presence of the impurity and are worth a future systematic investigation.
Mecànica estadística
Statistical mechanics
(c) The American Physical Society, 1994
The American Physical Society

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