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BPSK to ASK signal conversion using injection-locked oscillators-part II: experiment
López Villegas, José María; Macías Montero, José Gabriel; Osorio, Joan A.; Cabanillas, José; Vidal Martínez, Neus; Samitier i Martí, Josep
Universitat de Barcelona
This paper demonstrates the feasibility of a new circuit for the conversion of binary phase-shift keying signals into amplitude-shift keying signals. In its simplest form, the converter circuit is composed by a power divider, a couple of second harmonic injection-locked oscillators, and a power combiner. The operation of the converter circuit relies on the frequency synchronization of both oscillators and the generation of an interference pattern by combining their outputs, which reproduces the original phase modulation. Two prototypes of the converter have been implemented. The first one is a hybrid version working in the 400-530-MHz frequency range. The second one has been implemented using multichip-module technology, and is intended to work in the 1.8-2.2-GHz frequency range.
Modulació (Electrònica)
UHF frequency convertors
UHF oscillators
Amplitude shift keying
Injection locked oscillators
Multichip modules
Phase shift keying
Power combiners
Power dividers
(c) IEEE, 2006

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