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A time-domain method for the analysis of thermal impedance response preserving the convolution form
Carmona Flores, Manuel; Marco Colás, Santiago; Palacín Roca, Jordi; Samitier i Martí, Josep
Universitat de Barcelona
The study of the thermal behavior of complex packages as multichip modules (MCM¿s) is usually carried out by measuring the so-called thermal impedance response, that is: the transient temperature after a power step. From the analysis of this signal, the thermal frequency response can be estimated, and consequently, compact thermal models may be extracted. We present a method to obtain an estimate of the time constant distribution underlying the observed transient. The method is based on an iterative deconvolution that produces an approximation to the time constant spectrum while preserving a convenient convolution form. This method is applied to the obtained thermal response of a microstructure as analyzed by finite element method as well as to the measured thermal response of a transistor array integrated circuit (IC) in a SMD package.
Circuits integrats
Convolucions (Matemàtica)
Mètodes iteratius (Matemàtica)
Finite element analysis
Integrated circuit packaging
Iterative methods
Multichip modules
Thermal model
Thermal resistance
Time-domain analysis
(c) IEEE, 1999

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