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Morphology and segregation in two-component diffusion-limited aggregation
Nagatani, Takashi; Sagués i Mestre, Francesc
Universitat de Barcelona
A diffusion-limited-aggregation (DLA) model with two components (A and B species) is presented to investigate the structure of the composite deposits. The sticking probability PAB (=PBA) between the different species is introduced into the original DLA model. By using computer simulation it is shown that various patterns are produced with varying the sticking probabilities PAB (=PBA) and PAA (= PBB), where PAA (=PBB) is the sticking probability between the same species. Segregated patterns can be analyzed under the condition PAB < PAA, assumed throughout the paper. With decreasing sticking probability PAB, a clustering of the same species occurs. With sufficiently small values of both sticking probabilities PAB and PAA, the deposit becomes dense and the segregated patterns of the composite deposit show a striped structure. The effect of the concentration on the pattern morphology is also shown.
Fluctuacions (Física)
Fluctuations (Physics)
(c) The American Physical Society, 1991
The American Physical Society

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