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Morphological changes in convection-diffusion-limited deposition
Nagatani, Takashi; Sagués i Mestre, Francesc
Universitat de Barcelona
The effect of hydrodynamic flow upon diffusion-limited deposition on a line is investigated using a Monte Carlo model. The growth process is governed by the convection and diffusion field. The convective diffusion field is simulated by the biased-random walker resulting from a superimposed drift that represents the convective flow. The development of distinct morphologies is found with varying direction and strength of drift. By introducing a horizontal drift parallel to the deposition plate, the diffusion-limited deposit changes into a single needle inclined to the plate. The width of the needle decreases with increasing strength of drift. The angle between the needle and the plate is about 45° at high flow rate. In the presence of an inclined drift to the plate, the convection-diffusion-limited deposit leads to the formation of a characteristic columnar morphology. In the limiting case where the convection dominates, the deposition process is equivalent to ballistic deposition onto an inclined surface.
Física estadística
Processos estocàstics
Statistical physics
Stochastic processes
(c) The American Physical Society, 1991
The American Physical Society

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