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Contribution to RAM analysis of international fusion material irradiation facilities (IFMIF)
Pesudo Fortes, Vicente
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Departament de Física i Enginyeria Nuclear; Dies Llovera, Javier; Tapia Fernández, Carlos
International Fusion Material Irradiation Facilities is an initiative for developing materials able to resist the conditions in the inner walls of a fusion reactor. The most critical aspect is that one concerning to the 14 MeV neutron flux they have to deal with, which is about 1017 neutron m-2 s-1. The larger period fusion reactors are working without replacements the more efficient they will result, so continuous flux has to be delivered to the target as long as possible, testing materials in the hardest conditions in order to validate them for proper operation in the reactors. With this aim, availability of the facilities has to be maximized, and RAM analysis becomes a very useful tool. This study will be performed with RiskSpectrum®. In the following text the accelerator facilities of IFMIF will be studied. The following issues will be explained in this report: · The elaboration of a brief but consistent database of failure rate and repairing time. · The adaptation of a FMEA. · The modelization of a Fault tree. · A first RAM analysis. The desired availability of 88% will be achieved with this model and this data. Despite that, this is a first model in which updates will have to be made as the design goes deeper in detail. For instance, redundancies are not being considered, since they are not a matter of study in the present state-of-arts. Critical components are the Heater and the Vacuum Pumping System in the Radiofrequency Quadrupole, and Diagnostics in both the Low and High Energy Beam Transport line. Except for the case of the Heater, these are not components but systems, and it is not strange their importance is bigger than importance associated with basic events referred to simpler components. These items have to be studied to go deeper in detail, enabling an analysis in which they are not basic events but gates containing more detailed failure modes. Operational validated data from the supplier is specially recommended for the Heater. Parametric studies are made of elements which have moderated importance but are numerous, such as Radiofrequency windows and amplifiers.
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