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Regularity and mass conservation for discrete coagulation-fragmentation equations with diffusion
Cañizo, José A.; Desvillettes, L.; Fellner, K.
Centre de Recerca Matemàtica
We present a new a-priori estimate for discrete coagulation fragmentation systems with size-dependent diffusion within a bounded, regular domain confined by homogeneous Neumann boundary conditions. Following from a duality argument, this a-priori estimate provides a global L2 bound on the mass density and was previously used, for instance, in the context of reaction-diffusion equations. In this paper we demonstrate two lines of applications for such an estimate: On the one hand, it enables to simplify parts of the known existence theory and allows to show existence of solutions for generalised models involving collision-induced, quadratic fragmentation terms for which the previous existence theory seems difficult to apply. On the other hand and most prominently, it proves mass conservation (and thus the absence of gelation) for almost all the coagulation coefficients for which mass conservation is known to hold true in the space homogeneous case.
517 - Anàlisi
Dualitat, Teoria de la (Matemàtica)
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Centre de Recerca Matemàtica
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