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The Experience of European Integration and the Potential for Integration in South America
Malamud, Andrés; Schmitter, Philippe C.
Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals
The experience of the European Union is the most significant and far-reaching among all attempts at regional integration. It is, therefore, the most likely to provide some lessons for those world regions that are just beginning this complex process. In turn, the Common Market of the South (MERCOSUR) and the Andean Community (CAN) are among the regional integration projects that have reached the greatest level of formal accomplishment after the EU. MERCOSUR is a customs union that aspires to become a common market, while avowing the commitment to advance towards political integration. For its part, CAN is a customs union that has already developed supranational institutions such as a Commission, a Parliament and a Court of Justice. In both cases, however, words have progressively tended to wander far from deeds. One reason underlying this phenomenon may be a misunderstanding of the European experience with integration. In this article, we discuss the theories that have been developed to account for integration in Europe and may prove useful to understand integration elsewhere and put forward a set of lessons that could be drawn from the European experience. Subsequently, we introduce a description of the experience of integration in South America and reflect (critically) on how the theories and lessons drawn from the EU could be applied to this region –and beyond.
Integració regional -- Amèrica Llatina
Integració regional -- Comunitat Europea, Països de la
Integració europea
Regionalisme -- Europa
Regionalisme -- Amèrica Llatina
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27 p.
Working Paper
IBEI Working Papers;2007/6

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