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Smooth non-extremal D1-D5-P solutions as charged gravitational instantons
Chakrabarti, Bidisha; Rocha, Jorge V.; Virmani, Amitabh
Universitat de Barcelona
We present an alternative and more direct construction of the non-super-symmetric D1-D5-P supergravity solutions found by Jejjala, Madden, Ross and Titchener. We show that these solutions ¿ with all three charges and both rotations turned on ¿ can be viewed as a charged version of the Myers-Perry instanton. We present an inverse scattering construction of the Myers-Perry instanton metric in Euclidean five-dimensional gravity. The angular momentum bounds in this construction turn out to be precisely the ones necessary for the smooth microstate geometries. We add charges on the Myers-Perry instanton using appropriate SO(4, 4) hidden symmetry transformations. The full construction can be viewed as an extension and simplification of a previous work by Katsimpouri, Kleinschmidt and Virmani.
Forats negres (Astronomia)
Black holes (Astronomy)
cc-by (c) Chakrabarti, Bidisha et al., 2016
Springer Verlag

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