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Incidental mosquitocidal effect of an ivermectin mass drug administration on Anopheles farauti conducted for scabies control in the Solomon Islands
Kositz, Christian; Talina, Jeptah; Diau, Jason; Asugeni, Rowena; Whitehorn, Cheryl; Mabey, David; Chaccour, Carlos; Marks, Michael
Background: The Solomon Islands is targeting elimination of malaria by 2030. The dominant vector is the predominantly exophagic, exophilic Anopheles farauti sensu strictu. This biting behaviour limits the efficacy of conventional vector control tools and highlights the need for new strategies. When administered to humans ivermectin has been shown to have a mosquitocidal effect. Mass drug administration (MDA) with ivermectin is an emerging strategy in the control of scabies. In this study we explored any incidental effect of ivermectin MDA conducted for scabies control on mosquitoes. Methods: MDA for scabies was conducted in three villages. We performed human landing catches and measured 5-day mortality amongst Anopheles mosquitoes caught before and after MDA. Cox regression was used to calculate hazard ratios (HR) for mortality between mosquitoes caught before and after MDA. Results: There was a significant increase in 5-day mortality in anopheline mosquitoes caught post-MDA which was highest on the day of MDA itself (HR 4.2 95% CI 1.8 to 10.1, p=0.001) and the following day (HR 4.4 95% CI 1.8 to 10.8, p=0.002) compared to mosquitoes caught before MDA. Conclusions: This study shows a possible mosquitocidal effect of ivermectin MDA conducted for scabies control. Studies with a larger sample size with clinical as well as entomological outcomes should be conducted in this population.
Medicina tropical
Tropical medicine
Solomon Islands
cc by (c) Kositz et al., 2017
Oxford University Press

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