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High-Resolution Morphological Approach to Analyse Elastic Laminae Injuries of the Ascending Aorta in a Murine Model of Marfan Syndrome
López-Guimet, Júlia; Andilla, Jordi; Loza-Álvarez, Pablo; Egea, Gustavo
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Institut de Ciències Fotòniques
In Marfan syndrome, the tunica media is disrupted, which leads to the formation of ascending aortic aneurysms. Marfan aortic samples are histologically characterized by the fragmentation of elastic laminae. However, conventional histological techniques using transverse sections provide limited information about the precise location, progression and 3D extension of the microstructural changes that occur in each lamina. We implemented a method using multiphoton excitation fluorescence microscopy and computational image processing, which provides high-resolution en-face images of segmented individual laminae from unstained whole aortic samples. We showed that internal elastic laminae and successive 2nd laminae are injured to a different extent in murine Marfan aortae; in particular, the density and size of fenestrae changed. Moreover, microstructural injuries were concentrated in the aortic proximal and convex anatomical regions. Other parameters such as the waviness and thickness of each lamina remained unaltered. In conclusion, the method reported here is a useful, unique tool for en-face laminae microstructure assessment that can obtain quantitative threedimensional information about vascular tissue. The application of this method to murine Marfan aortae clearly shows that the microstructural damage in elastic laminae is not equal throughout the thickness of the tunica media and in the different anatomical regions of the ascending aorta.
Peer Reviewed
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Marfan Syndrome
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