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An analysis of CSR in human resource management practices and its impact on employee job satisfaction in Catalonia, Spain
Celma Benaiges, M. Dolors; Martínez Garcia, Esther; Raya, Josep M.
Incorporating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into HRM may be a way of integrating employee wellbeing within the workplace. This article provides an empirical analysis of the impact CSR human resource management practices (HRMP) have on job satisfaction (JS). Our aim is to determine which practices contribute most to enhancing employee JS. In an attempt to be as comprehensive as possible, the analysis includes a broad array of HRMP and different dimensions of JS as well as overall JS. Results taken from a representative sample of 1,647 Spanish employees in Catalonia show that in general CSR in HRMP increases JS; some practices (such as wage level) are only relevant for specific dimensions of JS, while others (such as job security) stand out due to their positive effects on all or the majority of JS dimensions. Implications for policymakers and firms interested in attracting and retaining employees by creating high JS are discussed
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