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A hands-on genetics teaching approach at university level.
Mestres i Naval, Francesc; Adell i Creixell, Teresa; Araújo, Sofía J.; Balanyà, J.; Papaceit Vidal, Montserrat; Pascual Berniola, Marta; Riutort León, Marta; Romero, R.; Segarra Robert, Carmen
Universitat de Barcelona
Teaching general Genetics is a cornerstone of a large number of university degrees. Being a scientific topic, laboratory classes are an essential element in student-centered learning. Here, we present our experience in implementing new material for teaching hands-on genetics, a subject of interest for other academic professionals in the field of Genetics. Our students carry out a genetic analysis of the su (sense ulls) mutation of Drosophila melanogaster, which produces a drastic eye reduction. The complete strain description can be found in Mestres et al. (2016a). The aim of the course is to give students the appropriate genetics tools to answer the three following questions: 1) Is the su mutation dominant or recessive? 2) In which chromosome is su located? 3) Can we identify in which gene the su mutation is?
Educació superior
Higher education
(c) Mestres i Naval, Francesc et al., 2016
University of Oklahoma

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Mestres i Naval, Francesc; Adell i Creixell, Teresa; Araújo, Sofia J.; Balanyà i Maymó, Joan; Papaceit Vidal, Montserrat; Pascual, M.; Riutort León, Marta; Romero Benedí, Rafael; Segarra Robert, Carmen
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